Agriturismo Le Murelle Lucca

  • The Murelle Farm

    Murelle Farm

    Duardo's House (8 people) 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with shower,apartment equipped with disabled facilities.
    Lorenzo's House (7 people) 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with shower,apartment equipped with disabled facilities.
    Marietto's House (3 +1 people) 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms with shower.
    Monte Loft (4 +1 people) 2 bedrooms and bathroom with shower.
    Valle Loft (2 +1 people) 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with shower.
    All accommodations are surrounded by vineyards and large green areas with outdoor lounges, barbeque and children's playground. Booking e info»


Agriturismo Le Murelle

The Murelle farm was bought in the early years of the 20th century by the present owner's grandfather, but a date carved in the cellar indicates that the estate was established at least two centuries before that.
In all thirty hectares of vineyards olive groves and woodland stretch from the main road to the crest of the hills. Ten years ago the farm,with its villa and four houses, by then worn down by years of sharecropping, got a new lease of life when agritourism was added to its activities.
The Moretti agricultural company"Le Murelle" is situated in the Tuscan countryside, 7 kms from Lucca. The farm produces wine and extra-virgin olive oil.It also offers hospitality for tourists with agricultural interest in typical farm-houses recently restructured in the traditional way. There is also the possibility to buy goods produced on the farm. The farm position offers the quiet of the countryside but there is also easy access to the main road, therefore perfect both for those who want to relax in the heart of the country and for those who love to be close to the seaside, places of art, mountains and lake. Older people used to refer to it as the 'Red Houses' as well as its proper name, and it has recently been repainted in shades of red. Inside the house, the owner Daniela has preserved a rustic stile of furnishing, with the addition of personal touches which give guests the feeling they are staying in a real home.Every day she personally changes the flowers, using those that she finds growing wild in the meadow, along with sprigs of laurel, medlar or mimosa. «Often when guests are thanking me for their stay, they make the point that what they have especially appreciated is the space around the house. When they come out of doors they are in the countryside, not in an enclosed garden.Setting off up the hill they can survey almost the whole estate »