anti-Covid-19 adopted measures

For check-in, the use of a nose-mouth mask is required, after that during the stay guests will take care to keep the distance or use the mask as they prefer.

The apartments are equipped with various liquid soap dispensers to wash hands thoroughly, which is the first and most important anti-contagion tool. In addition, each apartment will be provided with a spray 0.1% diluted sodium hypochlorite solution which is perfect to sterilize hard surfaces, in case guests wish to do that by themselves too .

Each apartment has its own separate and mutually distant private terrace and the large outdoor area guarantees privacy and distance between guests.

In the area surrounding the swimming pool, suitably separate areas have been identified for each apartment.

Every morning we disinfect the outdoor furniture and games for children and in addition each apartment, as written before, is equipped with a sprayer with a virucidal product in case guests want autonomously sterilize objects and equipment before using them.

At each check-out we carefully clean the apartments with special virucidal products, sterilize mattresses / pillows / sofas / fabrics using an ultraviolet machine and we wash kitchens and bathrooms with high-temperature steam machine.

The laundry is washed at a temperature not lower than 70 °.